Monday, October 27, 2008

It's HOT!

Hola familia,

I've now been here over a month and 3 months in the mission crazy!!!!! That was sad to hear about Matts friend Shane. i played basketball with them a few times and he was real cool. (He was one of our son-in-laws best friends who was killed by a drunk driver early Saturday morning while on duty as a police officer in Phoenix) ...and Dave Muth (We just found out yesterday he died while on a business trip. He worked a lot with Robert (Tate's dad) and his son works for him now. He was such a great man. They found him dead in his hotel room in Texas while at a business retreat. They are assuming as of now that he must have died of a heart attack). i went to a baseball game with him and dad, but yes the gospel is a blessing for times like this. These people in a way are a lot luckier than we are because they get to go home. Thats one thing i don't understand about here, is death is nothing, someone dies, a little kid drowns and people just continue on. I guess thats a good thing.

But anyway... sounds like the halloween Carnival was fun. Oh by the way I got the package Gustavo brought down here, thank you it was/is wonderfull!! I dont know what that is that Ben asked if i've eaten it. It might be that you spelled it wrong, I dont know. (Our nephew in law asked if Tate has eaten "Baleadas". No one is sure what that is, but Ben said he ate them almost everyday)

My room was already clean so I dont know what Staci did to it, haha (Tate's sister Staci came over last week and completely cleaned out his room, which should have been done a while ago, but I just kept closing the door and hoped it would go away, LOL. Everything needed to be gone through through even though Tate didn't think anything needed to be cleaned). Oh speaking of which, like my first week my comp asked if staci (she's our olive complected daughter with brown eyes and brown hair) was latina cause she is brown haha, just thought she would like that. And sure keep my clothes for now.

When i read the part about choir practice, i thought you were guys were going crazy cause you said, “heidi told sister gledhill” and i was like she died a long time ago, then i remembered there's the other one, but it was pretty funny (Bro. Gledhill remarried after his wife passed away). This weeks been pretty good, I was on changes Friday till Saturday afternoon, and when my comp came back he told me we have problems, one of which the guy we baptized drank which isnt good, but he was at church yesterday. So i dont know what will happen there. Then theres some other problems that dont matter much for you all, but it will be interesting to see what happens. we have cambios next wed but because of some of these things my comp could stay in the area cause he knows the area but well see what happens. Other than that things are good, we should have another baptism soon cause this lady and guy are finally going to get married (her boyfriend finally agreed after like 13 years and 6 kids) but she will be baptized right when they're married. Shes one of our better members and shes not even a member yet haha, so that will be good. The last three days here havent rained which is unfortunate, ( i heard october is usually the last month it rains) because when theres no rain its HOT! Especially yesterday. Last night it was 88 degrees (inside at night) when we were going to bed. And i'm in the cooler part of the south. And it will only get worse... i'm kinda worried, i dont like it when its hot. none of the houses have been really affected from rain, we havent had all that much, up north its worse. And the elder jones situation, ill see if i have pics. (One of his former elders in the MTC lost all of his MTC pictures and his mom asked if we had any) Any way everything else is good, love you all, the church is true

Adios de El TriunfoLove elder brinton, (breenton, which has evoled to elder brinco, which means jump so now im elder jump to the kids)

Thanks heidi for your letter too!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Rain Than I Have Seen In My Lifetime

Hola familia,
Thanks dad for the letter and sounds like a good world series. Yes it rained a lot esp wed. More than I’ve ever seen, but yes to the people here it's nothing,, but i was like freaking out haha. It was more rain in 3 hours than I’ve seen in my life. My shoes are doing good, i bought rain boots but they’re too small so i cant use them, stupid me. The man hopefully will be a good member, he works a lot on Sundays but his family is active and his wife said he’s a lot different now, but we’ll see. (I asked if he thought the man he baptized was going to be a stong member for his family) Were working with a family and they’re way cool. i hope they get baptised. They’re the best investigators I’ve seen so far, they actually do things we tell them. We have an appointment with them tonight so hopefully it goes good. Btw i loved masons costume and to let them know, there’s lizards EVERYWHERE here and I’ve seen iguanas and mice and lots of bugs, pigs, horses, cows, dogs, chickens, they’re all everywhere. Mason is sure a funny kid, oh and i hope you voted for me Mason?? Yes i can open your pics gracias. I haven’t got the package from Gustavo yet, i don’t know if it got dropped off. It’s been forever for Ryan, but its finally here congrats! The MTC was soooo amazing i loved it so much and wish i could go back! The spanish is ok. i wish i got talk with people though. i had a talk in church yesterday, i don’t know how good it was, but oh well. Sorry this is short but i dont have much time, sounds like everything is going good! Oh ya my comp is good. No he’s not serious, that’s just how latins are in pictures. He could work harder but all is well for now. i find out the fifth if i or he is being changed we’ll see. I can’t think of much else, I’ll try and send more next week, which will be tomorrow, haha, that’s what it feels like. The church is true and i still love it here.

Adios de Honduras
Love elder Brinton

For those of you who missed Mason's costume, he was Mt. St. Helens. He got a cheap little video about it, and has since been obsessed with it. His mountain is made of wood, and his face is painted like "the Ash" from the volcano, and his hair is the "fire" spewing out the top. The worst part was he was at Grandma's house the other day and I said, "Mason you need a haircut". His dad agreed, so I cut it nice and short. After I cut it, I realized I cut off his "volcano hair". Oh well, he said it will be okay to be short volcano hair. This is of our family Halloween Carnival and this part is the costume parade. Powell (4yrs.) is in front; aka Spiderman, then Mason (7yrs.) and Amy and Abby (almost 1 yr.) are the cute witches in back.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Call Center at the MTC

This post is from the MTC. I know it is out of sequence, but I haven't been able to get them to load until now. Since they haven't been seen yet, I am posting it here.


Monday, October 13, 2008

First Convert Baptism!!

Hola familia,
I didnt have a setter from you, I dont know if it was cause my mailbox was full or cause im emailing earlier. ( I was just sending his letter when his came through. I missed him by about 10 minutes. It was the first time I decided to wait until Monday morning to write, because he ALWAYS writes in the afternoon. Not this time anyway) But anyway. This week has been good, time goes so fast!!! I had my first convert baptism this week! It was a father of a family and he was the last to be baptised, (well his daughter was baptised the same day but shes 8) so now the whole family are members. It was cool cause i didnt think he would get baptized cause he's had 6 or 7 dates before this and never has been, and when ever we have taught him he didnt seem to really care, so i didnt think it was going anywhere, but we taught him on Tuesday and it was the same ol thing. Then we were over by his house later that night and his wife was like elders elders come here, and we went over and she was talking to us. Anyway what she was saying was that after we left he was talking to her and told her that he wanted to be baptized! It was so crazy! Miracles to happen. So Saturday on his scheduled date he was baptized! Miracle number 2: during his baptizm service, before the actual baptism the power went out and we were like "oh no" cause it was so dark (i left my flashlight at another elders house when i had divisions so i didnt have it to save us) but it was unusual cause it wasnt even raining. So i think me and my comp were both praying, and after about 30 seconds the power came back on! And we went through with the baptism. Like half way through it started pouring (more than i've ever seen it) but the power stayed on. Then about 20 seconds after the closing prayer, no power for the next three hours! What a testimony that the Lord is mindful of us even in little Triunfo in the middle of nowhere honduras (alma 26:36-37). So we confirmed him Sunday, my first sac meeting here. It was different but good. We had about 30 people including kids and us, but it was good. So it didnt rain thurs and fri which made it so hot! My first days without rain here. But Saturday it made up for it and poured. Walking home from the baptizm we were walking through rivers actually streets, but full of water. It's only my second time my feet have been fully submursed so hopefully my shoes last. Thursday and fri morning i had divisions cause we had a baptism interview so i went to ciudad nueva which is way hotter, and it was me and another gringo whose been there 2 months. That equalls not much spanish. It makes me wonder how parley p pratt was a missionary in So. America without knowing spanish. Anyway we did alot of tracting with our gringo spanish and actually taught two lessons and got like seven return appointments. Not bad. So last night i stepped in poop from some animal here right before going inside and my comp said i think you have poop on your shoes sure enough i did, lots of fun cleaning that up. What did i learn from this... i take a lot of steps haha. Everything else has been great. I got the dear elder you sent me today. Sorry no pictures till next week cause these computers won't read my camera so i neeed to buy an sd card reader. So i'll try and get them to you. Other than that all is well. another week come and gone, i almost have 3 months! Crazy! Hope everything is good there. The church is true and i love you all
Love elder brinton
Ps-Oh when i send you pics can you save them?
Pss- Oh and if any of my friends still remeber me and read my blog, i'll get you a letter sooner or later, theres just not as much time here as the mtc to write them.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Lost in the Jungle

Hola famila,

No it hasnt rained for 72 hours. (I asked him a lot of questions in my letter and one of them was if they were getting a lot of rain. A weather report from Honduras said there was flooding from 72 hours of solid rain.) i think the most it rains is like 6 but it does rain every day. And yes it’s the rainy season. And yes elder Magoffin emails the same place, our zone emails at the same place. But no my house doesnt do that but it does drip. ( I asked if water dripped down his walls) Wednesday we changed houses cause Hma Cheverri said it wasn’t up to regulations. So we spent a lot of Wednesday moving everything. It’s a brand new house and its nice but a lot smaller, but hey what the heck. Yes theres a lot of bugs. That’s one reason we changed houses (i never saw many there?) but mostly mosquitoes and what not, its not terrible though. My shoes are ok for now and i imagine they’ll do pretty good, at least my Rockport’s. They’re never soaking really and i shine them a lot cause D (David) said that made his shoes last his whole mission and i think it helps. My clothes haha, so i discovered that mold likes clothing last week cause my pants had it but im sure ill be fine. i need to hang them somewhere to dry when they’re wet. (He's finally figuring that out. I have tried to get him to hang up his clothes for years) But most elders here have stains, rips and what not in their clothes so im not to worried. Yes my umbrella works great, i love it, and it’s home is in my backpack so i always have it. that’s one thing I’ve learned, because rain comes very fast. You think its sunny and blue skies then your in a house and it starts pouring and your like where did that come from. But my umbrella’s good. My flashlight is great to. It lives with my umbrella in my backpack cause i use them both everyday. So far its great but if i keep dropping it i dont know.

Yes i got to watch conference well most of it. We went to a brand new stake center in choleteca and watched it. The gringos got to watch in the high counsel room in English it was nice. We had problems when it would rain a lot so we missed parts but it was really good. I didnt see priesthood cause we lost the signal and then went to another church for the last half and it was in spanish and i didnt understand but its ok, then we went to aloha kitchen after.... oh ya I’m in Honduras never mind. (The men in our family go out to eat after priesthood, so i think he was dreaming, LOL) Sat night we slept at the ZL’s house cause we live far away and the busses had stopped.

My comp speaks a little english but not much, I’m teaching him though haha. The Tegucigalpa landing was fine but it was weird cause we were flying between houses. i could like literally look into peoples windows, but we had a small plane so it was fine. (The Teg airport is the 2nd most dangerous airport in the world) I probably wont send pics cause this computer wont detect my camera but ill try next week. No Pres y Hma Chaverri dont speak english but they’re way cool. Wendy’s is nice and after i think were going to pizza hut. They’re close here, only cause were in choluteca.

Where I’m at its really jungley, and its usually in the 80’s, but humid so always hot. Friday we walked 2 hours each way to teach this member and his wife, yes four hours. They live way far from us and where in the middle of nowhere, so they’re like the middle of nowhere, it was good though. We went through this huge river on the way there and it was fun. The way back we went a different way cause the guy said it was better, it was until this path died and we were in the middle of nowhere and we ended up walking through rivers hopping barbed wire fences and it was dark. We had a native with us and luckily he led us back. Well i think it was more luck, but it was a fun adventure, but i was tired after. But hey we have an appointment with them so that means... were going back. Oh the things we do for people’s salvation haha. That’s what makes it worth it actually.

There’s no mold in my house but like i said my clothes yes. I eat pretty good, and yes lots of beans and rice but nothing weird yet. I dont have a cook right now so i usually make american food for me. And yes they almost always have meat, usually chicken. Some food will take some getting used to though, like their cheese. The mission doesn’t give us water but we can get reimbursed for all water we buy so they kinda do. And no we haven’t had problems with flooding. I haven’t been sick yet either. I get cold sometimes at night but it’s not bad and yes this is the hottest part, Triunfo is cooler than choleteca though. Yes they’re not very reverent but I’ve never been to church yet so i dont know a whole lot. There were 50 from my branch at conference ayer (Spanish word for yesterday). But it’s ok. The worst part of church is the modesty, its like a beach at church. Unfortunately they didnt hear elder oaks talk Saturday. And yes the little kids do the same thing with my name, they’re so cute. (I asked him if they pronounced his name "Elder Breentone", because that is what the kids said to Jeff when he was on his mission.) but kids and women and dogs here are all treated about the same, objects. And its hard to see the parents yell at kids for nothing but its the culture. My comp will probably be fine for Christmas, im pretty sure his family has money so it should be ok. Cambios (transfers) are nov 5th so i probably wont be with him for Christmas. He’s been in the area 3 months already so he’ll probably leave who knows though. Sounds like everything else is going good, especially that the cubs lost yay!!!! Now one more time. Hope everything else goes good. Did you get my pics last week? And I’ll try and send more next week. There’s not a whole lot more i have to say. The church is true. i love it here (you sweat a lot though)

Love you all!

Happy late birthday Staci