Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas in Honduras 2009

This is called a pila and is usually found outside of homes. However, in the house that Tate lives in right now, the pila is inside. Last week the water came into the pila during the night and flooded their apartment. They had fun cleaning it up at 4:45am.

The red line shows how high up the water rose during their flooding. Elder Brinton and Elder Olsen enjoying the "Christmas Train".
Elder Brinton is acting like he is the train conductor.
Tate enjoying a yummy breakfast on Christmas morning.
Tate enjoying a fun time with Elder Parker at the Mission Christmas Party.
Elder Parker and Elder Brinton acting like a couple of reindeer.
They lost power during an outage, so Tate thought up a clever way to heat water for his shower. He hates cold showers, so I guess this shows he will go to great lengths to be able to take a warm shower.
The man in this photo just celebrated his first year in the church. So Elder Brinton and Elder Olsen took him out to dinner.
Tate and Elder Olsen pose with Denise who is progressing so well in her discussions.

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