Sunday, January 10, 2010

We Met the President of Honduras!!!

How are you all doing? Well I'm glad to hear everything went well with the wedding. Where was the reception? Anyway, I didn’t even remember that his wedding was yesterday until Sis Adams told me haha kinda funny. But ya you all sound pretty busy.

So let's see this week we’ve taught Denise a lot. She still has a date, but it might have to be changed for some school things, but everything is still good with her. On Tuesday Pres told Olsen he's leaving this Monday, not next so that changed things up, and that my replacement is coming on Monday as well, which means I'm probably leaving the office Feb 10 which I'm happy about.

Anyway this week has been pretty normal, except today was a cool p-day. So we know this member that works at the house of the president of Honduras. So we got her to give us a tour. So we went and we were seeing all the rooms, and then they're like, “We'll see if the President has time to meet with you guys.” So they came back and were like “Let's go, he said yes”. So we hurried to his office and they were like he's really busy today so you only have 2 minutes because you weren’t in the schedule. So we went in his office and WE MET THE PRESIDENT OF HONDURAS! He shook all of our hands, and was like nice to meet you, and he said thank you for coming here and helping my country. And then we got to take pictures with him. It was pretty cool! How many missionaries meet the president of the country where they're serving? And it was cool cause after we left his office our tour guide was like he would like you guys to send him a copy of the Book of Mormon! So we're going to send him one. We all felt dumb because we didn’t have one there. But well make him a card and what not and send it to him. So we got to meet him and tour the presidential house and all that and it was pretty cool. Then we went and ate, so it was a fun p-day. So ya that’s basically what has been going on. Ya Zolman left the office and we have a new AP.

Well I love you all, the church is true. Have a good week.
Love Elder Brinton

Oh and I got your package thank you. The flags were great.

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