Saturday, February 6, 2010

Denise's Baptism Pictures

Tate standing with Denise before she was baptized. Tate said she is an amazing young woman who will be a strength to her ward.
Elder Brinton and Elder Whiting with Denise and her Grandma after her baptism.
Elder Whiting and Elder Brinton with Denise's family who are all members.
A little girl at a Family Home Evening they attended.
Tate in front of a huge Soccer Ball! Now we know why Honduras wins when they play soccer.
Elder Brinton decorated a pair of pants in celebration of 18 months in the mission.
Getting ready to set them on fire.
Hey Mom, look we still get to play with fire.
Burning nicely
Burned to ashes!
The office elders and AP's, went bowling for P-day.

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