Monday, July 12, 2010

I Wouldn't Trade This Experince For Anything!

Hola famila (por la ultima vez),

Wow I can’t believe this is the last time to write!!!!! Crazy!!!!! Where has the time gone??? I also can’t believe that in less than a week you will be here. Crazy. Well I’ll try and answer some of your questions. About renting a car, if we want to go to Copan together I’m sure that would be fine, but for the rest of the time I would say we rent separate cars. It would make it a lot easier to travel. And for a car like I said an SUV would be fine I’m sure, but I don’t know if that decision matters until you get here anyway. So ya I would plan on it about the house, bring the Marriott thing just in case, but I’m pretty sure the house will be fine, it’s probably like the hotel room we stayed in when we went to Mexico. They’re a nice family and so I’m sure it’s a nice house, and from the outside it looks nice. I still don’t know everything about it I think tonight I will find out. But I’m sure it will all work out, and I’m sure it has hot water, I know it has a washing machine that I’m sure they would let us use. And I’m sure it has flushing toilets. There are a lot of places that ask you to put the toilet paper in buckets, but I’ve never done that in my mission because I think it’s just a bad tradition they have here. But I think we could save that money and use it on other things. But don’t worry. Yes we will go to Valle de Angeles of course that’s where you get souvenirs. It’s more expensive, but its one of the only places. And ya its like 20 minutes from Santa Lucia, but we will go there probably the same day. If not it's easy to go to so ya we will go there. Um La Ceiba would be fun to go to, but no I don’t think we will have time and it’s a place more known for its beaches and as a missionary... well I can’t really enjoy that much. But I’m sure you would like Copan more and I want to go there too. Heidi don’t worry. You’ll be fine here. Gustavo also told me that they just cut peoples arms and legs off in the middle of the day to rob them and its not true (well mostly not haha). It's not as bad as it sounds and we will be fine don’t worry. I’m going to ask pres if I can call you this week to better work out the plans and I’m sure he will give me permission. So well so if that happens. For President and Sister Chaverri you could bring something from Arizona. I’m sure they would like that, and a clock if it would fit I’m sure they would love. If you do that I would put MisiĆ³n Honduras Tegucigalpa on it and the years so you remember are 2008-2011. But it’s up to you. And ya beef jerky (I don’t know what flavor) would be great to. If you want you could do a picture, I’m sure one of the Reflections would be nice or if you wanted you could maybe do the Costa Rica temple (they may have that), but whatever you want. They have invited us to dinner that Sunday night that you get here.

I think you would be fine with jeans or whatever. A jacket I wouldn’t worry about it I don’t think you’ll need it. An umbrella if you want. It has been raining, but it doesn’t have to be the greatest one cause we will be in car or inside most of the time I imagine. The food don’t worry (too much) I’ll only take you to clean places and the water no I wouldn’t drink, but there’s pure water easily accessible so don’t worry. The shirt sizes or how many I couldn’t tell you, but it doesn’t have to be a ton, but I’m sure whatever could be used. But you don’t need to worry too much. For me I think I’m pretty good with what I have. I don’t think I need anything, just what I said that you pack somewhat light to make sure we have room to bring stuff back.

In church I’m pretty sure we will go to the ward I’m in right now, that way I can say bye to everyone easily at church, and they asked me to talk that last Sunday in my ward so for that to. Aww your going to get to see me talk... how fun. But I was already planning on going to this ward before they asked me. But I think I answered most your questions, and like I said I will probably get permission to call.

But any way my week was good. I’m good now, the only bad part is when you’re getting over dengue your body starts itching and that happened Monday and Tuesday my legs itched and were really sensitive. But I’m good now and glad I got it before this week or next week. So ya I’m good. This week was good, we got 2 people to church yesterday which was really good. And I think they will both be baptized at some point. And so that’s been good. That one girl (Vanessa) I told you about a while ago that we had the really spiritual lessons with were not really teaching her anymore unfortunately. But I think she was scared to change, but I think one day she will accept the church. Other than that the week was good. This week will be weird cause it’s my last, but everything is good. We also had zone conference this week which was good, it was weird that it was my last one. And I bore my "last testimony" there, and that was kinda weird. But ya that’s was about my week. This week I will have my last interview with president and will have to get everything packed up for the last time YAY (I hate packing)....WEIRD. But ya I think that’s about it. I can’t believe this is the last time. I have loved my mission. It has been an amazing experience. You learn a lot and have trials, but in the end it is definitely worth it. I feel I have changed for the better (I hope) and I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. Well I love you all. THE CHURCH IS TRUE! That’s probably the best thing I have come to know for sure. Well... until this Sunday for mom dad and Heidi, and for the rest Sky Harbor July 27th. Its almost here!
Love Elder Brinton

Oh ya, um about Sunday I don’t know, you can be picked up if you want... I don’t know where you would be, but I’m sure I can figure it out, or you can wait for like an hour and a half in the airport. I don’t know. Well write and let me know in case I can see my email before then, but if not I will probably call.

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