Friday, October 29, 2010

Our Trip to the Temple Site

This is our first view of the temple lot.
We were waiting to see if they would let us inside the lot, or if we could only view it from the outside. We lost and had to view it outside the gates.
Our 3 amigos who came into the mission together and will leave together.
Elder Champlin, Elder Zolman and Elder Brinton
With the AP's, who drove us there.
Looking over the fence, to see what we could see.
We were so excited to see so much work being done. It is in the early stages, but at least it's finally moving forward. It's in a beautiful location with nice houses all around.
Here is another beautiful view from the temple lot. Our last picture as we were leaving.
We can't wait to see the temple completed.

We Are On Our Way to Pick Up Tate!

We just arrived at the airport. We are so excited for this day to finally be here! Honduras, here we come!!!
Heidi is all smiles while waiting at the gate for our plane. Robert is checking to make sure we have all of our documents.
Our first views of Honduras. It's much greener than we pictured it. It's because we arrived during the rainy season. Otherwise, this would be all brown.
Tegucigalpa...we have arrived!
Touchdown! We made it. We survived the 2nd most dangerous airport in the world.
We made it through customs and are now waiting for Elder Brinton to arrive.
Max Champlin traveled with us to pick up his brother. He and Heidi are waiting
with all of our luggage, for our boys to arrive. We all arrived together. This is our first photo together after arriving.
Heidi was the first one to give Tate aka Elder Brinton a big hug!
These two are all smiles after not seeing each other for 2 years. Love that brother-sister love!
More hugs!
Now it's time for Mom's hug :)
And now dad!
Tate and Heidi share more hugs inside the airport, picking up our luggage.
Waiting for a taxi.
Checking into the Marriot's very nice hotel!
Elder Hernandez is Tate's comp for a few more hours. He came with Tate to meet us at the airport.