Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Feliz dia de Accion Gracias

Hola a todos

First of thanks Powell for the prayer how funny. (Powell is 4 yrs. old and the first thing he said in his prayer a couple of nights ago, was to bless Tate, who used to throw him to his dad in the swimming pool. Where that came from, no one knows) Feliz dia de accion gracias, my first one in the misión. Well anyway thats exciting Jeff got a computer that's cool.

So this past week has been good. The lady that's supposed to get married is getting married Friday, and baptismo Saturday so thats good. It will be exciting, and we have others with baptism dates but well see how thats goes. I'm glad you got the pictures finally. I hope you like them. This week was a little better with my of my zone leader´s who trained him kinda helped me out I think. But then yesterday it was back to normal. So I will have to have more patience I think. It's kinda like having Elder Brown that was in our Ward as a comp, or a deacon for a comp. But at least he likes to work. The only bad thing is we have members and investigators that don't like him and I think he's annoying more and more as time goes on. But we'll see how things work out. By the way I'm sending pictures from hijos de eleman last week in Teguc. (No pictures came through) Let me know if you get them. Oh and while I'm thinking about it will you send my line of authority to me? Thanks your the best. Oh and one thing that I miss that I dont know if you can send, is hot water in the mornings. Its terrible showering here haha. This week has cooled off alot and the mornings and nights are really nice, except for showering. Haha.

Happy birthday Rob sorry I missed it. I hope your able to have Thanksgiving, but hey at least you get to have one.

That's funny that you went to the midnight showing of Twilight, but my stand on the books is that they are vampire sex novels and I've never met someone who has read them that can consistantly deny that. All it is, is love and lust… what great books. And I dont care that they were written by a Mormon, that means nothing!!! But anyway now that is cleared up.

My area is good, but its hard with a lack of strong members. For example our branch pres showed up at 9:45 yesterday. Church is supposed to start at 9:00. Things like that. They're good members and good people its just hard. And there's a lack of priesthood, which makes it harder. But anyway, Powell I hope you get better and be carefull haha. (We thought Powell broke his foot. That's what urgent care said, but instead it turned out to be a bruised bone) Well I think that's all for now. Next time I write it will be December… time goes so Fast!!! Yesterday was my 4 month mark, but hey who's counting? Not me.

Love you all! Take care, read the scriptures, go to church, and all that staff that we take for granted. Feliz dia de acción gracias y feliz navidad.
Adios con amor
Elder brinton

Monday, November 17, 2008

Arriving in Honduras

First view of Honduras
His roomates made it safely together. They all got assignments in the south, near or in Choluteca, except for Elder Zolman who got sent north. Tate was going to miss his companion from the MTC.
Tate and Elder Magoffin having fun on the ride to their new areas.

Elder Zolman in his new area with his companion on the right.

First time seen photos from the MTC

Tate said Pres. Dickerson was an amazing man! He compared him to Elder Holland and Elder Bednar in one. He just loved this man!
Tate with Elder Peterson, one of his MTC teachers.
His other teacher, Elder Pace

Tate's MTC District with their teachers, Peterson and Pace.
MTC District with Branch Presidency

Doing service at the MTC. Something must have happened to Tate while he was there, because he never kept his room this clean. This is one of the few times I have seen him wiping down a counter. Amazing!!
The night before these elders left for Honduras, they stop to have a little fun.
Tate on his hands and knees...and he's not even praying. More service.
Tate with Bro. Shumway, who served in his branch presidency.

Eating breakfast with a homemade spoon. Is he supposed to be eating in his room? Those sleepy eyes makes me wonder if he missed breakfast. Hummmm???

Pictures from El Truinfo

Tate standing by his front door.Tate and his 2nd companion, Elder Morales

Hey dad, look what we have here. His dad's favorite!
Walking across a river of rainwater.

Tate said this is little bit of home.
Thunder storm clouds...or else Tate is calling on the powers of heaven.
Tate's Halloween costume
This road turned into a river in a matter of minutes. They had one rain that poured 19 inches in 3 hours. That's a lot of rain.
An Arizona sunset in Honduras
Tate standing in a river caused by the rain. This is normally a road.
Sitting on a bridge in his area.
Tate's glowing spirit...or maybe it's a glow necklace. Tate always said he might need glasses. I guess he found some in Honduras.

New Photos from El Truinfo

Welcome to Honduras. Rain became a common occurance during the rainy season.

Shower for tall people.

Cobwebs. You would think he would clean these off, since he hates spiders. Maybe he did after this picture was taken.
He asked, "How do you like my new haircut?" What hair???

His district in Honduras. He said the closest missionaries still live an hour away.
His area
More cobwebs in the ceiling

Living room in new apartment. Notice the burners to cook on. They don't have an oven. Beds are right behind kitchen wall.
This is the bathroom, which is at the other end of the living room. Notice the curtain for privacy. You can imagine the smell. At least this toilet flushes and I don't think he has to put his used toilet paper in a bucket. Good thing we went brown towels, huh?

The front of his house for Halloween. Someone must have sent this to him.

The front of his house. Notice the trash in his yard. I think he need to pick it up. What do you think?
Tate's laundry room and living room
Scenery in the area of El Truinfo
Sunset in El Truinfo

First Apartment from El Truinfo

Tate's first rain storm

Tate slept like a baby in his fairtale bed. Actually it's a mosquito net.

Tate's first kitchen. Not sure it would pass a safety inspection.

Tate took this picture for Mason. He wishes he could send these to Mason for his bug collection.

Tate's bedroom in his first apartment. The mission president's wife moved them out because it was so bad.
Tate's old bathroom
Bat poop...this may be one of the reasons they moved from their old apartment

This is why I don't miss that grandkids. I call her Pelota
Typical Pilla. We are assuming it is a well.

A frog for Mason. Mason is Tate's cute 7 yr. old nephew