Monday, May 25, 2009

Olympia Parade & Zone Conference

Olympia Parade (after the Soccer Championship)

Olympia won!!!

There were like 30 of these

Me and Elder Gonzales at Zone Conference

The three south zones
Crab Soup

Honduran Soccer Championship

Hello familia,

Well this week was pretty good. Wednesday we had zone conference and it was good. Also yesterday was a pretty big here, it was the championship of the Honduran soccer league. And everybody watches that. Olympia won and everyone went crazy. They made their own parade down the streets. There were like 30 motorcycles and like 30 trucks full of people driving in a line honking and screaming and waving flags. It was pretty crazy. But that’s the exciting things that happened this week.

That guy we found is still good but he just found out his son has leukemia and is in the hosptital in Tegucigalpa so he's hard to find but I hope all goes well.

Now that it has rained everything is green. Its crazy how fast it changed it went from ugly to beautiful. This Sunday was good cause we had the highest assistance since I've been here. And that was good. Next week it already changes, its crazy how fast these changes have gone.

Anyway sounds like your all doing good there. That’s crazy that it rained on graduation again. But at least it wasn’t freezing and canceled. Its crazy ive been out a whole school year already. Time flies. Ya its rained some more and its good cause it cools it off a little. Well that’s about all this week. The church is true. Love you all.

Elder brinton

Monday, May 18, 2009

Baptism, Interviews, Cooking and Carving

Elder Brinton with 9 yr. old Helen and Elder Muellek
Elder Brinton and Elder Muellek with Pres. Chaverri
Look how Pres. Chaverri has grown
Tate said one thing he loves since being on his mission is cooking. He said it make him want to open a restaurant when he gets home.

But we're not sure everyone would think this was delicious. Hey, but at least he's cooking.

Tate tried making fry bread for the first time. Not too bad.
Elder Brinton learning how to carve wood.

Getting some tips as he carves

Getting a little more help

It's looking pretty good

Good job Elder Brinton

Looking good!

The finished product

Another Good Week!

Hola familia, Well here we are another week. This week was pretty good. It went really fast. Tuesday was interviews and that was good. Then Saturday we had a baptism! We baptized a 9 year old girl named Helen. Her family that she lives (aunts) with are members. But it was good. She is really funny and knows more than most people haha.

On Friday my comp completed 18 months sp we bbq some meat and it was pretty good. Then Saturday I attempted Navajo tacos. They were ok but kinda thick. Maybe too much flour? And is there a way to make them not stick all over you when making the dough? I’ll try again but they turned out pretty good.

Anyways last night we found 4 guys that seemed pretty positive, I hope they will listen, it would be awesome. We had one investigator in church. It’s a cousin of Helen’s. She’s 11, but hopefully we can activate her family as well it would be really cool. So ya that’s what were doing.

I did here about Elder Zolman I actually talked to him this morning about it. But that’s good for him. He will be a really good DL and help a lot of people. I’m just hoping now at changes they’ll send me to be his comp. Would it be bad to pray for that haha?

Well that’s pretty much my week. Wed is zone conference so that will be good. I have pictures to send too, but I’ll see if I can get this computer to work.

Sounds like you are all doing well and busy. Good job Heidi. (She got 5th place at the state track meet. Not bad for being sick most of the week)

I don’t know if you wanted answers to the questions, but yes 2 sets of sheets. While one is being washed you use the others. I like my pillow I’m glad I brought it. Shoes I don’t know I love my Rockport’s, but I’m sure whatever would work. Garments I don’t know I haven’t sampled many. And toothpaste deodorant all that you can get here. I don’t know if that helps. Well all is going well here. The church is true. Love the Lord, he gave his life for us.

Love you all
Love Elder Brinton

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We Had a Great Time Talking to Tate on Mother's Day!

We had so much fun talking to Tate on Mother's day. Since we just talked, he didn't write anything, but did send these pictures. We love you and thank you for your support for our missionaries.

It Finally Rained!!

Elder Brinton and his comp, Elder Muellek enjoying the rain!!

A little soaked!
It's fun to see how missionaries entertain themselves.
Tate said, "This is why you don't give kids plastic bags"
Look at that nose!
A bucket of crabs

Look what they found. Tate said this scorpian is about 2 1/2 inches long.

Another view

Tate learned how to kill scorpians at home. They fried it in a fry pan. When they are dead, their tails are straight.

Monday, May 4, 2009

It Finally Rained!

Hello family,

Well another week has gone by. It was another tough week, but I think slowly we are making progress. So anyway yes Wednesday we had a mission conference with Elder Cook. It was in Tegucigalpa with my mission and with Comayaguela... it was really good. A lot of it was the same as when he came to the MTC, but it was good anyway. And it was fun to see everyone.

So anyway about calling, first off I am only an hour ahead of you. But anyway my comp is calling at 3 my time 2 yours, I don’t know if that’s convenient, but maybe I'll call and if not I can call back later. But I guess we can plan on that, and I'll still call you I think that would be cheapest.

So it sounds like you had fun at Women's Conference. You sound like you're all teenagers at college. You need to calm down haha. But I'm glad you had fun.

That’s funny about Heidi, that’s a good story, but I like more that you told the paramedic no. haha. I don’t think I ever told you, but I almost passed out when I was in La Joya. Me and my comp were buying something and I just got really light headed and blacking out so I told my comp hey I'm going to sit down cause I'm going to pass out, and he was like uh ok. But I just bent over and put my head between my knees and I was all right. But I think it was the same that I was dehydrated. Oh what an interesting family we have. Haha. (Our daughter went to Dillards for the first time with a friend to have their make-up done for prom on Saturday. She passed out while having it done, which brought a huge ladder fire truck and an ambulance, 4 paramedics and 2 EMT's. Then on top of that, after she passed out, her friend almost passed out because it made her sick to her stomach when she saw my daughter pass out. After everyone was okay, the paramedics still tried to get me to let them take our daughter by ambulance to the hospital to see why it happened. Her blood pressure dropped pretty low and that is why he wanted to take her. However, by this time she was doing better and she only had one thing on her mind and that was that her date was picking her up in an hour an a half. So she knew she didn't have time to go to the ER. I had my camera and took quite a few pictures. I am sure the medical people were thinking, why is this lady taking pictures when they are thinking, why doesn't this lady take her daughter to the ER. One thing about this is that our daughter has passed out several times before. It's usually do to pain, so this time was a little unusual, but I think it's because she was dehydrated. It turned out to be quite a story. I am sure she will never forget prom for her junior year.)

Nothing too exciting happened this week. It's always fun though the interesting things people tell you when teaching, like this week someone said, Adam was born after Jesus and that there was no people in the Americas and that it was covered in water till the 1400s when Columbus discovered it. Another said he was baptized by Jesus in the river Jordan and when I asked where the river Jordan was he said ama pala which is an island here. Haha things like that are always funny. Unfortunately the people we were hoping would come to church didn’t. But Elder Cook talked about that, how everyone has their agency.

Me and my comp are doing good. No we didn’t ever kill an iguana, but they are still annoying though. Oh ya something exciting is that it rained Saturday for the first time. And again this morning at 5am. I love the rain. They weren’t huge storms, but they're coming. Supposedly there are big lightning storms here and everyone tells me they're horrible, but I just say I'm pretty used to that. But I do enjoy rain. Well I think that’s pretty much all. The church is true. Love you all.

Love, Elder Brinton