Monday, March 29, 2010

I've Been Changed Again...Back to Tegucigapla

Hola Familia.
Well this week was kinda crazy. So changes were on Wed and I got changed again! I was taken out of the area, which was really surprising. We both thought Zolman was going. But I'm now back in Tegucigalpa, in the same zone that I was in when I was in the office, but my area is called Girasoles (sunflower). (This is my third ward in this stake haha) Anyway my comps name is Elder Gardner, from Lehi, Utah. Yes another gringo haha. He's probably one of the happier people I've met (I know your thinking...what he's happier than you ha ha ha) He's got 6 weeks more than me in the mission and I'm his first gringo comp. But it's been awesome so far, I've loved it. I'm glad to be back in Tegucigalpa. So it should be fun. This area is huge and it has so many long time members (like from the 50-80's) it's crazy. I've already met a bunch of people that knew the Bingham’s in this ward. Speaking of which, I have a question. I was talking to a member that was baptized in 57 by a missionary from phoenix named Kelly H. Black. She wants to contact him so I said I would ask if you happen to know him. If not don't worry, but I thought there's a very small chance. But ya I've been liking it so far. Um that picture with Adalid, no it's not his family, he's single. There are other investigators and yes that kid has all his toes. But ya it sounds like everything is going good at home. Like everyone is having fun. I can't believe how fast time goes. It's crazy. I'm so excited for conference, but I can't believe it is going to be my last one. It's crazy. But I'm excited. But ya everything here is going good. Well I think that's all for now. Today the stake president took us and showed us an area up in the mountains he wants to put missionaries in and that was fun. Well I love you all. The church is true.
Love Elder Brinton

Happy birthday to Kylie and Grandma Nancy. I hope you have a great day.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Working Hard...Only 4 Months Left!

Hola Familia,
Well sounds like everything is going good. Here everything is great. It’s crazy changes are already this Wed. and Zolman is probably leaving so well see what happens. So ya last week we had the baptisms of Maria and Adalid. No they’re not related, but it was a good baptism, especially for Adalid. He was just meant to be I think. He was already basically living the gospel and the missionaries found him the first day he moved into this area, and two months later he got baptized. And even better, yesterday he was called to be the first counselor in the branch pres. Crazy I know. But he’s awesome because he has the attitude that I’ll just have to work hard and do it. And its crazy too because he’s pretty poor and usually people would put a million excuses for not being able to serve in the church, but he’s willing. He’s going to be awesome. So ya that’s the big news. Um everything else is going good. Working hard. We don’t have as many people now to teach, so hopefully we find so more.

It sounds like you all had a fun/interesting experience while camping. I’m jealous. Also the baseball pics made me jealous and I can’t believe you got to take the sister missionaries. I’m sooo jealous. But so enough right. Tomorrow I have 20 months in the mission...crazy!! I can’t believe it.

Anyway about the trip, Zolman and I tried to plan some of it. Um with the cars it might be better to rent separate ones for most. Going to Copan we could go together, but other than that it would probably be more convenient to have separate cars to visit the areas, just because they’re not together, but we still may go to like the south the same day and what not. Also I was thinking and I know dad likes to go to a lot of countries just to say he’s been there, haha, so something maybe to think about is you have Nicaragua like 30 minutes from one of my areas (that well probably be able to do anyway) also El Salvador like 45 minutes away and Guatemala is close to Copan (I think) just maybe something to think about. This is kind of what we thought of, but its just an idea.

Monday- I don’t know
Tuesday morning-leave for Copan
Wed- be in Copan drive back that afternoon/ night (we may need another day like you said, I don’t know)
Thurs-Monday - visit areas, shop (I don’t know how much time we’ll need is the only thing)

Pres also said he would like to have our families over for a dinner with just us as well and we’re thinking maybe Sunday night, but we would have to see. Also yes I did get the package from the Bingham’s, thank you. I got it the day I ran out of memory so it was perfect. Also they called me yesterday morning before church to say hi, and it was fun talking to them for a few minutes. It will be fun to see them after the mission. But they left today and they said they loved their trip. Um oh ya about a car you could probably get anything. There’s an Avis and I think a Hertz, I’m not sure though. We’re in Teguc right now, so maybe we can check haha. Speaking of which, did you ever fix the white truck? I hope so.

Oh ya our hike it was probably like 8 miles or so I really don’t know, but ya it was beautiful. It was one of the prettier places I’ve ever been, so ya that was fun.

Anyway ya I think that’s all for now. I only have three changes left...weird. It will be interesting to see what happens. Well I love you all. This is the work of the Lord. Jesus Christ is our savior. The church is true.
Love Elder Brinton

Monday, March 15, 2010

He Did Write!

I was out of town and forgot to write Tate before I left, so I had his sister Staci write him. He sent his reply back to her and she thought he sent it to me too. She just sent me what he wrote today.

Tell mom not to worry about it, but glad to here everything is going good. Tell everyone happy birthday. No I haven’t seen the Bingham’s and I might have got the package. I’ll find out later today. Hopefully I did because I’m out of memory. So everything has been good here. I’ll try and sum it up. On Saturday we had two baptisms and they were really goood. One is going to be a great member. Their names are Adalis and Maria. It’s interesting to see how the Lord prepares people. So that’s the big news.

Then today we went on a hike to a jungle called La Tigre. It was beautiful. We hiked to a waterfall. It was way cool, but I’m really tired right now. It was a long, but good hike. But that’s about all the exciting news, I know not much, but it was a good week. Time flies I can’t believe how soon I get home. Crazy!! But I love you all the church is true-
Love elder Brinton

Fun Hike to the Falls

We didn't hear from Tate this week, and not sure why. We don't know if his email didn't go through or what happened. His comp's mom always sends us her son's emails and so this week I will share what Elder Zolman wrote, since they are comps and it tells us what they did. Enjoy!

Email from Elder Zolman:
This week was so good and I am so thankful for being a missionary of full time! Yes I realized that is backwards but that is how I have been talking in this country. I thought I could correct it but it just adds that my English is not that great! It’s really such a blessing to bring the truth to all those that want to know.

Yes we had 2 baptisms this past weekend, Adalid and Maria, two people in their 50s, who are way positive. Especially Adalid, he has been one of the greatest most laid back converts I have ever had. The animo in the branch is still good but we do not have any people with a specific date right now. We still have some good investigators but almost all are living in fornication and need to get married. We are working with them, but it is a long process. Maryury is one of our most positive. She loves going to church and all of the activities that we are having. She can basically memorize a chapter in the book of Mormon after reading it only once!

Thanks for asking about parasites, the Lord will bless me, and at the end of my mission I will receive some medicine for them. No need to worry now, for maybe I will blessed with a parasite that will eat all my extra skin and make me stronger! :) That would be an awesome one!

We are on our way to the gas station to see if we got the package, I hope so but I don’t know for sure yet. About schooling, will you do me a huge favor and send me the registration stuff from USU, UVU, and BYU? I doubt I will get in but it would never hurt. I still need to keep my options open, but it’s something I should start on now.

We had another noche de hogar on Saturday night, and it was awesome, cause for once we didn’t have to teach the lesson. I don’t mind teaching, but we had a really busy day with the baptism, and other appointments in the morning! Oh how the mission life is so busy, but I would not have it any other way!

The weather is heating up, and a lot, I am in a full sweat writing you at the computer right now! We just got back from another waterfall! It was a ton of fun, unfortunately not the entire zone came but it was still way fun. We are all a little sun burnt but it was so refreshing. It was all green and jungle like with huge trees and odd looking plants, all covered with moss because of how lush it was! It was so awesome, and we all enjoyed it!

Life is so good, that is basically what is on my plate of things to do right now, and I am loving every minute of it! There is hardly time to think about going home, although it’s always there! I love you all and hope you have a super week!

Con amor,
Elder Zolman Jr. (Tate's Comp)

This email is from Tate's old office comp, Elder Olsen. He is in the same zone with Tate and this is what he wrote about going on their hike today.

So let's talk about today... Today me and elder Borja and the rest of the
Zone went to a place called San Juancito, hiked a huge mountain, and went
and seen a really cool waterfall. The waterfall was big in the sence of
the water fell about 100 feet, but there wasn't a lot of water falling. It
was still cool, but if we would have hiked up during the rainy season it
would have been better. No worries.
It was about 3 or 4 miles into town and up the mountain, which doesn't
sound too bad, but it was all up hill, expecially once we got to the
mountain. I am really tired. I'm not much of a hiker, although I'm a little
more used to walking now that I'm on the mission. It was fun, and I got some
cool pictures. The mountain was way green and jungley.
Love, Elder Kyle Olsen

*I only included the parts that had to do with the hike.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Adalid Ready for Baptism!

Elder Zolman and Elder Brinton enjoying watermelon with a great family. Adalid, on the far left is scheduled for baptism this Saturday. He is so excited to be a member of the church.
Tate and Elder Zolman have been invited to eat dinner at least two times, where all they ate was a half of a watermelon for their meal. This could be one of those times. It sure makes you appreciate what we have, or it makes us wish we had watermelon right now. :)

Baptisms and More Baptisms!

Hola Familia,
How is everyone doing? Sounds like everything is great. Good job Heidi on clearing 5'5". That's crazy. Maybe you just shouldn't ever know how high it is until after. (We told Tate the Heidi thought she was jumping a lower height when she cleared 5'4", so maybe that helped her. She set a personal best at the first track meet of the year) Anyways I'm glad to hear everything is going great. Thanks for sending the memory cards, I'll let you know if I get them. Oh and I don't know if I told you, but I got the last newsletter last week, and the tape, but I don't have anything to listen to it on. (He had one. Wonder where it went) So anyway this week was good. Tiring as always. Yesterday we had three baptisms. Three girls Alejandra, Celeste, y Karina ages 12, 14, 15 got baptized, and it was really good. And this Saturday we have two more planned. I'm really excited about one. If you look in the picture where we're all eating watermelon, the man on the far left is getting baptized. His name is Adalid, and he will be an awesome member. He's gone through a lot in his life and it will be good. So ya that should be exciting. We're also working with some other good people so hopefully it all goes well. So pray for Maria and Adalid this week. So ya that's the big news.

Today we had a three zone activity with President for p-day and it was fun. I got to see some friends and play. Tomorrow we have zone conference in Danli, which should be good, cause it's the only part of the mission I don't know.

Yes I still eat lots of watermelon. That's good that you invited the YSA over. Did you set up my screen outside? (Yes we did) Glad to hear the Cubs are doing good. How are the negotiations to get funding?

Well I think that's all for know. I love you all. The church is true. I taught a class this week about how in the church there are three P's. People, principles, and programs. And how our testimonies have to be based on the principles and nothing else. So make sure that's where our testimonies are.
Love Elder Brinton

Monday, March 1, 2010

Great Moments in Ojo de Agua!

Can Tate eat it in one bite?
Elder Zolman and Elder Brinton enjoying some watermelon in the watermelon capital of Hondurs: Ojo de Agua. Anyone home??? Zone Activity to spread the "Word".
Elder Brinton and Elder Zolman at the baptism of Ariel who is 12 years old and was so excited to get baptized!
This is the day Tate left the office and found out his new comp was his old MTC comp, Elder Zolman. He had hoped they could serve together one day, but never thought it would really happen. Talk about Tate being EXCITED!!! Elder Zolman and Elder Brinton are standing with President Chaverri.
On the bus to Tate's new area: Ojo de Agua
The shoes of a missionary.
Elder Zolman and Elder Brinton held a Family Home Evening, made a bon fire and taught the people how to make smores.
Elder Brinton and Elder Zolman enjoying their bon fire they made.

A Great Central American Conference

Hola Familia,
So actually I did read your email, but right when I left the internet I was like oh ya I forgot to answer her questions haha. (I teased him that he didn’t read my email last week because I asked two questions and he didn’t answer either one of them) But it’s ok if you come like the 19th to pick me up that would probably work. I think I want to go to church here in one of my wards, but maybe if we went to Copan like the 23 and 24 that’s would work out. Then on the 26th at night is when all the missionaries have their dinner, so to go to that would be fun, and we don’t have a testimony meeting so don’t worry. I’ll try and make a plan of where and when we could go to places.

I’m glad to hear everything is going good. I’m sure dad is really busy, but usually being busy is a good thing. It’s crazy it’s already March. Time goes so fast. I think me and Zolman had a breakdown the other day realizing how little time we had left. Yesterday at church was good. There was a Central America conference with Elders Eyring and Christofferson and Elder Acosta. It was really good. They talked about a lot of stuff that these people need. And we had 10 investigators there, which is really good. So ya the work is going good. We’re always very busy.

So this week since Thursday I’ve had a cold (not bad for the first time in 19 months), but I don’t count it because I’ve still been able to work, but I’m sick of being stuffed up. I’m doing good so don’t worry (I know you won’t). This week we had another zone activity in another new area to help them out and that was fun. But ya I think that’s about all for this week. Ya everything is holding up ok still (well you probably wouldn’t think so), but I think I’m good. (I asked if his clothes and shoes were holding up) I’m about an hour and a half outside of the city. Oh ya I forgot to tell you. Here in my area is the watermelon plantation, what does that mean, we eat lots of watermelon. Haha. I think everyday last week we ate watermelon. But I don’t mind. I’m sure you would love it. Well I love you all. Have a great week. The church is true. We should have 3 baptisms this week. So I’ll let you know.
Love Elder Brinton